Terms of service


We will never claim copyright or any other ownership of your photos.

When you upload your photos to our website, you are giving ShowYourPics certain rights to use your content to provide you with our services, like the ability to display your content for you and your users.

Removal of content

You are fully responsible for the content of all your photos. We can remove any of your photos for any reason, including photos that violates this terms of service or are illegal.


You are responsible for keeping your username and password safe and enough complex and hard to guess.

No albums are visible to users as default when created. It's your responsibility to set correct authorization on albums to your users.


We work hard on keeping our storage safe, updated and backuped, but we are not responsible if the unthinkable happens and your content is lost.

ShowYourPics is not a backup solution for all your photos and files. It is important that you have your own backup of all your files on external hard drives or equivalent solution.

ShowYourPics is simply a presentation layer for all your photos so you have an easy way to showcase albums to your family, friends and if you choose to, the world.

Third party services

We use third party services to keep ShowYourPics running. For example Amazon Web Services to store all your files and deliver content to your users.

By using our service you agree to the use of any third party service or software that we choose.


Subscriptions to ShowYourPics automatically renews.

If you buy a subscription to any services on ShowYourPics website, you are responsible for all fees associated with the subscription plan.

Unless you choose to cancel the subscription will automatically be renewed.

Changes to terms of service

We can always change our terms of service by updating this page.

It is your responsibility to check this page for any changes.

Important changes and changes that may greatly alter how you use the service will be sent to you by email.